Bagging Machinery 101: Everything to Know About Equipment Bagging

Date Posted:29 September 2023 

bags filled with soil

From nurseries to civil construction recycling facilities, emergency services and more, bagging machines are a game-changer when it comes to efficiency. Investing in bagging machinery saves precious time, money and labour that can be better used across your site, especially for busy commercial businesses looking to up their productivity.

In this blog, we’ll explain everything you need to know to get started with bagging machinery, including the types of bagging machines available, materials that can be bagged and which type of machine is best for your business. Read on!

Benefits of bagging machinery

bags of sand

In the nursery, civil construction, gardening and landscaping industries, bagging is in high demand. People want smaller, easy-to-handle goods instead of bulky trailer or truck loads.

When it comes to bagging machinery, the main goal is to make things as smooth and efficient as possible. Bagging machines save time and increase efficiency by allowing you to get more bags filled per hour, but they also bring other benefits to all kinds of industries:

  1. Increased efficiency — Bagging machines allow your team to fill more bags per hour than manual bagging, allowing your team to bag faster without as much exertion.
  2. Cost-effective — Bagging machines can bag large volumes at one time. This allows you to produce more bags per hour, increasing your production speed and earning more per bag.
  3. Reduce labour costs — Staff spend less time filling bags and more time working elsewhere on-site.
  4. Durable and long-lasting — C-Mac’s bagging machinery is made in Sydney with strong, heavy steel that can withstand thousands of hours of operation.

Aside from nursery bagging, bagging machinery can be a huge plus for a range of different industries.

Landscape suppliers can streamline their retail operations by efficiently bagging products for sale. Road construction projects benefit from the use of bagging machinery for retaining walls and barrier weights. Emergency services rely on bagging machinery for sandbagging during floods and storms. Plus, recycling facilities and plumbing projects also reap the rewards, whether it's bagging products for sale or implementing sediment traps.

How to choose the right bagging machine

Bagging machines come in a selection of configurations designed for specific industries and uses. But which type of bagging machinery is right for your business?

Gravity Bagger — Single & Dual Hoppers

bulk bag filling frame

Experience enhanced manual bagging efficiency with C-Mac's Gravity Bagger. This machine fills up to 500 20kg bags per hour without requiring any power source. The Gravity Bagger effortlessly handles free-flowing substances like coarse sand, soil, pebbles, stones, gravel, road base, and brick chips. The Gravity Bagger is available with a single hopper or a dual hopper for filling multiple bags.

Bulk Bag Filling Frames

bulk bag filling frame

C-Mac's Bulk Bag Filling Frames offer a quick and effortless solution for filling bulk bags. These frames require no power source and can fill 10-12 bulk bags (1-2 tons) per hour. They facilitate the bagging of various materials, including sand, soil, pebbles, stones, gravel, mulches, potting mix and mined minerals. The open-top and spout-top bulk bag filling chutes are available fully assembled. Renowned for their excellent investment value, these frames serve landscape and building suppliers, production nurseries, emergency services, and quarries.

Silt & Sand Bagging Frames

silt bagging frame

C-Mac's Silt Bagging Frames and Sand Bagging Frames are the perfect solution for filling plastic, woven plastic and hessian bags. With just one person needed for bag filling, these frames greatly increase work efficiency while reducing labour and minimising the risk of injuries to the knuckles and back. They are easy to set up in seconds, featuring a robust hinged hopper.

Ezi-Bagger — Auto


C-Mac's Ezi-Bagger is a semi-automatic bagging machine that revolutionises bagging and potting productivity. With a capacity of filling up to 500 25kg bags per hour, this versatile equipment caters to various industries, effortlessly bagging mulch, stone, potting mix, grain, sand and much more. Simple and easy to operate, the Ezi-Bagger requires minimal training and is safe and easy to maintain with few moving parts. The Ezi-Bagger is also available in a manual configuration, depending on your needs.

Emergency Sand Bagger

emergency sand bagger

Specifically designed for the State Emergency Service (SES), C-Mac's Emergency Sand Bagger is a reliable asset in critical situations. Mounted on a heavy-duty galvanised trailer, it can be easily transported to different locations. With the ability to fill up to 500 15kg bags per hour, this machine significantly improves bagging productivity during emergency inclement weather conditions, providing sandbags for storm-damaged roofs and flooding. It reduces fatigue, back strain, and other injuries that can be caused by manual bagging, enabling SES volunteers to work more efficiently.

What types of materials can be bagged?

At C-Mac, our range of bagging machines is designed to be versatile. Our equipment is capable of bagging a wide range of materials, including:

  • Mulch
  • Compost
  • Stone
  • Potting mix
  • Garden mix
  • Grain Manure
  • Sand
  • Soil
  • Gravel
  • Woodchip
  • Scoria
  • Stock feed
  • Rock
  • Pebble
  • Sawdust
  • Metal dust
  • Hot or cold asphalt
  • Salt Dirt Barks
  • + More!

If you can’t see your material on this list, get in touch with our team to discuss your options. We’ll help you find the right bagging machinery for your business.

Semi-automatic & Automatic bagging machines: Which one is right for you?

When it comes to bagging machines, choosing the right one depends on the bagging demands of your business.

For example, if you need to bag over 1 million bags per year, investing in an automatic machine can be a game-changer, boosting productivity and efficiency. Although fully automatic equipment can start at $200,000, you can keep it running non-stop throughout the year.

But if you're looking at bagging between 10,000 to 800,000 bags annually, a semi-automatic machine is a better fit. It saves you from the cost of a fully automatic setup while substantially boosting efficiency and reducing labour costs.

Not sure which setup is right for you? Get in touch with our friendly bagging experts.

Make nursery bagging fast, efficient and cost-effective with C-Mac’s industry-leading bagging machinery

With over 50 years of experience, C-Mac is Australia’s trusted provider of top-notch bagging machinery and supplies for nurseries, civil contractors, landscapers, emergency services and more.

Our expertise has led to a range of efficient bagging systems that excel in delivering optimal bag-filling operations. With the versatility to handle various materials including sand, soil, gravel, stone, potting mix, garden mix, rock, sawdust and many more, our range of bagging machinery provides reliable and effective bagging solutions for businesses Australia-wide.

Take your bagging operations to the next level with C-Mac. Explore our range online and place an enquiry with our team today!

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