A Story of How an innovative “Bag and Pot Trolley” was developed

Author: Aaron Chen  Date Posted:4 November 2018 

A Story of How an innovative “Bag and Pot Trolley” was developed

The NGINA tour to Victoria in December 2016 saw the concept of a new bag and pot trolley coming from discussions while riding around in a bus with fellow passengers.


It started off with something like “I have a great pot trolley I bought from Italy but it needs some improvements.”

C-Mac took this like a red rag to a bull and liaised with Stuart Knowland, Bangalow Nursery about the modifications. Proto-type was produced in quick time and taken along to a Growers and Suppliers Group meeting for comment.

Mark Engall from Engalls Nursery saw the potential and asked if he could test it out for lifting bags. Testing at Engals took place for 5 months; surprisingly it was great for lifting bags as well as pots.

Nursery workers made some minor suggestions to further improve it and hence the pot lifter became a “Pot and Bag Lifter” (Ideal for lifting large 20 litre bags with trees).  A bit of good old fashioned conversation and collaboration.

This is another great product contributing to WH&S lifting issues in the Nursery and Gardening Industry.

A batch has been made and is now available for purchase.

See more info on the "Bag and Pot Trolley" by clicking here

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