Staff Committee Established

Author: Aaron Chen  Date Posted:4 February 2020 

Newly established "Staff Committee" had it's first meeting on 7th August 2013.

Basic objective is to enable improved communication between shop floor share owners and the Board.

Tasks ageed to at the initial meeting:

  1. Address findings of the annual “Performance Culture” benchmark survey
  2. Annually review ‘Objectives and Actions’ determined by the   management team to meet requirements of the "strategic plan" prior to board approval
  3. Review capital expenditure requests to board
  4. Drive annual staff reviews and timing.
  5. Oversea the running of C-Mac’s social club.
  6. Provide input for agenda items for toolbox/workshop meetings
  7. Responsible for staff input into board meetings and dissemination of board outcomes to staff.

Agreed upon guidelines for elected staff Committee members

  1. Decisions are by consensus
  2. Members serve staggered 2 year terms
  3. Meets monthly – location and time determined by members
  4. Chairman is staffs elected representative to the "Board"
  5. Management team members don’t participate on staff committee

This is an exciting initiative in the process of establishing an employee owned and run company. No doubt there is going to be a few challanges but it   is one more step in the long term substainability of this business.

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