Sheetmetal Manager Resignation Announcement

Author: Aaron Chen  Date Posted:4 February 2020 

With mixed feelings, we would like to announce that our valuable Sheetmetal Manager Matt Connolly has decided to further his career and is going to depart from C-Mac this Wednesday as of 26th of October 2016.

Matt has been working for C-Mac Industries for the last 11 years and 10 months where he started his working career as a sheetmetal apprentice at the age of 16yrs (Scroll down to see Matt's C-Mac Story below). We at C-Mac have witnessed his talent, work ethnic, integrity, attitude and the drive to improvement of his skillsets. His remarkable progress and performance at C-Mac make him eligible to handle the challenges and meet our expectations in managing the sheetmetal department in a better way.

Enjoy a quick read on Matt's C-Mac journey below:


Matt’s C-Mac Story
I started at C-Mac 11 years ago as a 16 year old just out of year 10 as a sheet metal apprentice. I spent a lot of time with various tradesman learning a large variety of skills. I especially liked stainless steel work and anything where the appearance is important, it taught me to take pride in my work and aim for high quality as my career progressed. I finished my apprenticeship and early on flagged an interest in progressing to the office. I began night courses at TAFE doing basic estimating and CAD. After a year as a tradesman, C-Mac made an opening for me and began work as a technical officer working closely with Shayne (Sheetmetal estimator)  and Jeff (Sheetmetal Manager).
Starting off with very basic drawings and administration work I eventually found myself quoting ever larger and larger jobs and collaborating with Jeff on some high importance projects, really testing me at times.
After Aaron our marketing intern from UWS was offered a full time job at C-Mac, the university approached Rob (General Manager)and asked whether anyone else at C-Mac would be interested in further study. Alex (Fitter & Machinist) and I decided to give it a go and studied our Masters of Business and Commerce. The experience we were gaining from C-Mac allowed us to have lots of input in our class discussions. Two years flew by and we both passed comfortably, potentially opening up more pathways at C-Mac and for our future careers.
From there, due to some shuffling in the office I became responsible for the Sheetmetal department as Manager and was able to gain some valuable management experience. It was a sometimes difficult but rewarding role that saw me thrown in the deep end where I was able to learn some harsh lessons very fast but enjoyed it quite a lot.
It was this journey at C-Mac that gave me the confidence to accept my new role at a different company in a different industry and to take my first big career leap. The opportunities C-Mac have given me from day one have been invaluable and I will reflect on the days as extremely positive and rewarding. I will miss the team at C-Mac and the lifelong friends I’ve gained and wish everyone there the best of luck in the future.

We acknowledge Matt's efforts and thank him for the unconditional commitment and dedication throughout the years. On behalf of everyone at C-Mac, I would like to wish Matt the best of success in future challenges and endeavours.

 Robert McMaster

General Manager @ C-Mac Industries

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