Materials and Handling

C-Mac through it's experience within the horticultural industry then the Sand and Soil Industry and Landscape Suppliers have gained extensive knowledge on how to move sand, stone, potting media, mulsh, and various mixes efficiently.

C-Mac has learnt through hard experience what works in materials handling and what products are difficult to move.

Are all products in stock?

Popular products such as the Sand Bagging Frames, Ezibagger and Gravity Bagger are kept in stock for assembly and dispatch within two (2) weeks.

Turn-around times?

Most other products such as Automated Solutions, Bag Flattener, Bag Sealers, Bulk Bag Filling Lines & Frames, Quick SanderConveyors, Feeder Bins, Vibration feeder are made to order or customised these days as customers need equipment made to suit their specific requirements. Turnaround time can be 1 to 6 weeks depending on the complexity and the amount of design required.

Making an enquiry.

To make an equiry just send an email on info(at) or call us on (02) 9631 6000 to give us an overview of your project. From there we can determine which staff are most experienced and suitable for looking after your enquiry and quotation.

If needed we come out and visit you on site. With modern technology most of the work can be done in the office using emails, 3D drawings, video, google earth etc. If you are satisfied with our quotation, proposal or recommendation a dedicated staff member will follow through the project to completion. One contact, the person looking after your job. No salesmen to go through.

Why are prices of equipment not on the website?

  • We need to ensure you are getting the right product for the task at hand.
  • Ensure you understand how our products can work for you.
  • It's good policy to be able to follow up on customer enquiries, customers don't always have time to ring back.

You cannot see the equipment or solution you need?

Do you have a bottle-neck, WH&S issue, inefficient process, dust problem, blockages, conveyor spillage, loading/unloading issues, plant upgrade, lubrication problems, sound problems, don't know how to move something?

For other frequently asked questions about C-Mac see our FAQ Page.