IOT ownership transfer

Author: Aaron Chen  Date Posted:4 February 2020 

Alfa Laval transfers I.O.T. ownership to C-Mac Industries after 2 years of negotiations.

C-Mac has been manufacturing "Insulating Oil Treatment" (IOT's).equipment as a supplier to Alfa Laval who has been marketing and selling the equipment into the Power Transmission Industry for the treatment of transformer oil in transformers for the last 10 years.

Both Jeff Neate and Jeff Stanton seen in the above picture (at the top of the page - with an IOT in the background) have both been involved in the design and development of this equipment for Alfa Laval for over 20 years.

This change will enable C-Mac to deal directly with customers and develop the equipment in line with the industries requirements. Dealing directly with the manufacturer will have many benefits including price savings, make customisation of equipment easier and enable improvements in quality.

Being the only Australian manufacturer of this type of equipment will provide C-Mac Industries with another highly technical, specialised, niche market leading product.

With no marketing area restrictions, C-Mac can now look at expanding the market place to overseas customers.

All in all, a great opportunity for C-Mac and its future.

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