Innovative Metal Solutions

Author: Aaron Chen  Date Posted:30 June 2019 

New C-Mac slogan is “Innovative Metal Solutions”.

Thank you for participating in our Slogan Competition. We had a great response with many excellent and creative & humerous slogans. It was hard to pick the best and the most appropriate one to cover the multiple aspects and services of C-Mac Industries. The final decision was made at the Board Meeting on 28th of November.

The Board chose this Slogan based on what customers expect C-Mac to deliver and what we at C-Mac aspire to be for the outside world.

Basically, the slogan is the combination of key words from C-Mac Staff, Suppliers and Customers. The key words of “Innovative”, “Metal” and “Solution” were the most popular words. The closest slogan submitted was “Where Innovative Metal Solutions are solved” from Andrew Jarrett of G&M Printing. Although there was no real winner in this Slogan Creation Competition, C-Mac has awarded the prize to Andrew. Congratulations!

Here are some of the most interesting (funny) slogans from all the participants.

From C-Mac Staff:

Steel from Us (Gary);
The fresh metal people (Trevor)
From C-Mac Suppliers and Customers:
Men of STEAL
We promise to STEAL the show
Hi Paul, is that a welder?
We fettle metal with mettle
C-Mac is the best MAC
“C-Mac, I told you they are the Best in Metal”

Lastly, thank you for all your participation, it was greatly appreciated!

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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