Your Guide to Replacement Potting Machine Parts

Author: C-Mac Industries  Date Posted:5 June 2023 

Replacement Potting Machine Parts

When it comes to potting season, you need the right spare parts on hand to minimise machine downtime.

Whether you’re running a new machine or you’re using a secondhand model, COMET potting machines can fill thousands of pots with routine maintenance. Durable, reliable and built for long-term use, the COMET can complete a full week’s worth of potting in just two days. This means that pausing production to replace a worn or damaged part can be costly and time-consuming, especially during the busy season.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the essential potting machine parts you need to keep your machine running smoothly and maximise potting production.

Understanding Replacement Parts for Steel & Poly Potting Machines

COMET Potting Machine

COMET potting machines have been used across Australia since 1980, with many early potting machines still in use today. Because of this, the exact parts required for your COMET depend on whether it is a steel-bodied or poly-bodied COMET machine.

COMET potting machines were originally made with a steel body — however, the constant contact with moist and fertilised soil caused them to rust out over time. New COMET machines are made with a durable polyethylene body that is better suited for long-term commercial use.

At C-Mac, we now only manufacture poly-bodied COMET potting machines thanks to their superior moisture resistance and improved features over steel-bodied models. However, because many steel-bodied COMET machines are still in use today, we also sell a wide selection of spare and replacement parts for steel-bodied COMET potting machines.

When browsing for potting machine parts online, always check the machine compatibility in the item description.

If you’re not sure if an item is compatible with your machine, our friendly team can help you out.

Slat replacement kits

COMET Slat Replacement Kit

Compatibility: Steel & poly-compatible parts available.

Potting machine slats can break due to excessive force, wear and tear or foreign objects in the soil mix, especially without routine maintenance. Our slat replacement kits include 42 durable steel slats for poly COMET machines and 21 slats for steel COMET machines, making this an all-in-one solution for replacing slats on your machine.

We also stock individual slats compatible with both steel and poly COMET machines, as well as separate bolt kits if only bolts are required.

Top sprocket kits

COMET Top Sprocket Kit

Compatibility: Suits both steel & poly COMET machines.

Top sprockets are part of the chain-driven system that facilitates the movement of potting soil. They are typically located at the top of the potting machine and engage with the chain, driving the motion of the potting mix through the machine.

Over time, top sprockets can wear down due to constant use and friction. Because of its function as part of the chain system, you’ll need to replace your worn top sprocket before you can continue potting. Our COMET Top Sprocket Kit comes with 2 x top sprockets and fasters.


COMET Potting Machine Chain

Compatibility: Steel and poly-compatible parts available.

The chain is one of the most important parts of your potting machine and is responsible for mixing and moving the potting mixture. A faulty chain will halt your production process and will need to be replaced immediately.

We stock chains to suit both steel and poly-bodied COMET machines as well as individual steel chain links and poly chain links.

Motor and Gearbox

COMET Motor and Gearbox

Compatibility: Steel and poly-compatible parts available.

The motor and gearbox are the backbones of your COMET machine. While some COMET parts are compatible across both models, you’ll need to choose either a steel motor and gearbox or a poly motor and gearbox depending on your machine. We stock motors for both poly and steel-bodied COMET machines – plus, our friendly team can help you find out which model you need for your machine.

Bottom Rollers

COMET Bottom Roller

The bottom roller bearing plays a critical role in supporting the conveyor system's movement. It is located at the bottom of the potting machine, where the conveyor rollers rotate. The bearing allows a smooth rotation of the chain, facilitating the movement of soil through the system. When the bottom roller bearing wears down or becomes damaged, it can lead to decreased performance, increased friction, or even system failures.

Bottom roller kits

Compatibility: Suits both steel & poly COMET machines.

The Bottom Roller Bearing Kit provides replacement components, allowing users to easily replace the worn bearing and restore the smooth functioning of the conveyor system in the COMET potting machine.

Rotary-guide tension rollers

COMET Rotary Guide Tension Roller

Compatibility: Steel COMET machines only.

The plastic rotary guide roller is sold in pairs with a retaining circlip and bearing and is only required for steel-bodied COMET machines.

The lifespan of bottom rollers in potting machines varies depending on factors such as usage intensity, maintenance practices and load capacity. Generally, bottom rollers can last for several years with proper care and regular maintenance.

Hopper vibrators

COMET Hopper Vibrator

Compatibility: Suits both steel & poly COMET machines.

A hopper vibrator facilitates the controlled flow of potting mix from the hopper to the potting area.

The purpose of a hopper vibrator is to prevent material clogging in the hopper. The vibrations help break up the potting mix, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted flow to the potting area. This promotes smooth and efficient potting operations by preventing blockages and maintaining a steady supply of material.

If your potting machine is experiencing consistent blockages or flow interruptions, you may need to replace your hopper vibrator.

Wear plates

COMET Wear Plates HDPE

Compatibility: Poly COMET machines. Wear plates on potting machines are protective components designed to reduce friction and minimise wear and tear on specific areas of the potting machine. By concentrating friction on the wear plates, you can replace the wear plates as needed instead of replacing entire machine components.

Our standard COMET HDPE wear plates are also available as a pair and include replacement steel fasteners. High-density polyethylene is made to withstand friction, impacts and long-term use before needing to be replaced, making it one of the most durable plastics on the market.

Soil outlet wear plates

Our soil outlet wear plates are made from high-density polyethylene and are available as a pair, with replacement steel fasteners included.

Tension bearings

Potting Machine Tension Bearing

Compatibility: Suits only steel COMET machines.

Drive shaft bearings maintain the correct tension within the drive shaft to ensure a smooth rotation of the shaft during the potting process. They also reduce vibrating when in use. If your potting machine is vibrating more than usual, you may need to replace the tension bearing in the drive shaft.

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