C-Mac Embraces Remote Work

Author: Aaron Chen  Date Posted:24 June 2016 

Sydney traffic is getting worse and worse due to population growth. If you are not living in the local area, it might take you 1-1.5 hours to travel to work during peak hours. If you enjoy driving, you may have a good time travelling to work every day during the off-peak hours, however, most of the office hours starts from 7- 9am and finishes between 3:30 - 5pm. Commuters usually struggle with traffic jams or traffic delays due to unforseen circumstances. Wasted time, wasted petrol and accumulation of fatigue and anxiety are usually the unpleasant results of the commuters.


Fortunately, due to the development of technology, workers can now have more freedom to work remotely without wasting time on the road travelling to work. Some big corporations have also started to integrate telecommuters into their workforce and consider remote work as a smart business strategy (eg. Here is a list for “The Top 100 Companies employing remote staff”)

So what is benefit of having staff work remotely?

On one hand, according to Science Alert, remote workers were found to be more happy, productive, and felt more valued, which is a pretty good trade-off.

On the other hand, a 2015 experiment run by researchers at Harvard University found that the performance of the remote workers improved significantly once they were freed from the shackles of the office. Plus, they also took fewer breaks during the day, and had fewer sick days.

So remote work is a Win-Win between the company and the staff if it is set up right.

At C-Mac, all the staff are loyal and high performers. More importantly, there is trust between managers and employees. So C-Mac started to embrace high technology in 2016 that allowed staff such as Aaron to do marketing work remotely and Shayne who just decided to semi retire and moved to Central Coast to do estimating, ordering of materials, drafting and other client work remotely.

Providing “Innovative Metal Solutions” to various businesses in Australia, C-Mac is not only riding a wave of horticulture automation, but also embracing remote work by utilising software such as TeamViewer, project management software Trello and telecommunication Skype for remote communication.

The remote work being done by C-Mac staff is working very well raising productivity, providing faster responses for customers, freeing up office space for other staff, reducing working hours (as staff are more efficient) which in turn reduces wages and other associated overhead costs or alternatively allows more time for customer contact and follow up.  For staff it provides tax benefits by being able to claim office expenses at home, savings in fuel and motor vehicle expenses and numerous other social and family benefits leading to a better life style and health.

For those who are not familiar with remote work, do your research and give it a try because the mutual benefits for companies and employees have proven to be tremendously successful!

Go remote and keep growing!

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