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Author: Aaron Chen  Date Posted:16 September 2016 

Dear Customers/Clients,

Thank you for your recent order with C-Mac Industries. We do appreciate your business!

We would like to give you the opportunity to comment on your experience using the form BELOW.

  • C-Mac Industries relies heavily on word-of-mouth from our past customers, so your testimonial or feedback is very important to us and influences others in their decision as to whether or not to do business with C-Mac. 
  • Importantly your feedback helps us improve our products and services, hence we can better serve you, stay innovative and support the Australian Made Community.
  • Your comments (positive or negative) will be shown on our website. Any comment below allows you to enter the draw of "C-Mac's Customer Feedback Reward" and you could potentially win the prize (dinner for two at a local restaurant near you) at the end of each financial year in July. 

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Thanks again for your order.

Best Regards,

Steve Grlyak
General Manager
C-Mac Industries ( Aust ) Pty Ltd
“Innovative Metal Solutions”  
72 - 74 Mandoon Rd Girraween NSW 2145        
Phone: 02 9631 6000 Fax 02 9688 4679
Email: steveg@cmac.com.au         
Web: cmac.com.au


PS. If there were any problems, please send an email to Steve (steveg@cmac.com.au) first, before leaving any Negative Feedback. This way we can fix up any problems.

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