C-Mac won 2016 NGINA State Industry Award

Author: Aaron Chen  Date Posted:25 November 2015 

At the NGINA Annual Awards Dinner at the Dural Country Club 20th November 2015, Steve Grlyak, as the representative of C-Mac Industries, received 2016 NGINA State Industry Awards (Best Website)

The best website award was judged on:

  • Visual appeal, Structure
  • Effectiveness of communication, Ease of access
  • Quality of information, Reinforcement of brand
  • Searchability
  • Send active website link

Good on Aaron Chen who is our digital marketer at C-Mac industries! C-Mac industries will continue to improve our webiste's searchability and funcationality, to better serve website vistors, partners and customers, for many years to come.

See below the photo of Steve Grylak (C-Mac's manufacture manager) with the certification



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