Top 8 essential gardening tools for beginners

Author: Aaron Chen  Date Posted:17 December 2020 

Today, gardening is immensely popular. This exciting and healthy activity can be tried by anyone. However, it can be a daunting task especially for first-time gardeners. They have to figure out the types of plants to grow and the proper way of caring for them. On top of that, purchasing new and appropriate gardening tools is necessary.

With a lot of gardening tools out there, it is vital to stay focus on the basics. For beginners, purchasing quality and inexpensive tools is a good way to get the most out of their investment. To start with, check out these 8 essential tools for gardening that is perfect for novices.

1. Gardening gloves

gardening-glovesWhen thinking of gardening tools, a good pair of gloves is one of the most important accessories to have. It helps to protect the hands against sharp branches and dirt while working in the garden.

Nowadays, gloves are available in various types. Hence, choosing those gloves that are durable, water-resistant and made from high-quality materials is crucial. To be more familiar with this tool, discussed here are some of its types.

Types of gardening gloves

  • Cloth gloves – It is the most common type of glove that is made from cotton or knit jersey. It is comfortable to use. Nevertheless, this type of glove offers less protection for the user.
  • Leather gloves – It is more expensive compared to other gloves. This type of glove is usually waterproof. It can also give better protection from cuts, thorns and scrapes because it is mostly made from durable material.
  • Rubber coated gloves – This type of gloves provides the best protection for the hands when using chemicals such as pesticides, fungicides and the like.
  • Neoprene or nitrile gloves – It is made from synthetic rubber material. Just like other types of gloves, it can also protect your hands from cuts, scrapes and chemicals. In addition, it is flexible and breathable.

2. Pruning shears

pruning-shearsPruning is an essential gardening activity that requires a suitable tool for the job. The best equipment to be used for pruning is a pruning shear. It is also known as secateurs. This gardening aid is specifically designed to cut or trim light branches and stems in the garden.

To make this an effective tool for cutting, regular sharpening of its blade is a must. This can give a clean cut to the plant.

3. Loppers

loppersWhen cutting larger branches, shrubs or bushes in the garden, a pair of loppers can help. It is a scissor-type tool with very long handles. Its long handle makes it easier to cut branches compared to secateurs. Furthermore, loppers have two types. These are anvil and bypass. Below are their differences.

  • Bypass – This type of lopper is commonly used in the garden. It has two blades that provide a clean and smooth cut to the plants. Its smooth cut allows the plant to heal faster.
  • Anvil – It works like a knife. This type of lopper has one straight blade. It is ideal to use for cutting thicker branches. Unlike bypass, it can’t provide a clean cut to the plant.

4. Rake

rakeUsing a rake can help to collect debris and fallen leaves in the garden. Rakes are classified into two basic types. These are leaf or lawn rake and garden or bow rake. For beginners, it’s ideal to start with a leaf rake. It is designed to whisk away large piles of leaves without damaging the grass and soil beneath.

On the other hand, garden rakes are more heavy duty than a leaf rake. They are used for spreading, moving and levelling the soil in the garden.

5. Spade

spadeA spade is a must-have gardening tool for cutting, digging, and defining edges in the garden. Generally, spade’s handle varies in size. They can be either long or short. Those that have longer handles can provide more leverage for cutting. But they are heavier than those with short handles.

When purchasing a spade, look for brands that are tried and tested. Those that are comfortable to use and with a strong timber handle should also be considered. In addition, spades with stainless steel head is an ideal option for this tool since they are strong and won’t rust.

hoe6. Hoe

A hoe is a useful tool for cultivating garden, mounting soil and cutting down weeds. The type of hoe to be used depends on the type of garden where it will be utilised. For instance, a vegetable garden requires a wide and sturdy hoe while a thinner hoe is ideal for use in a perennial garden.

7. Garden Hose

garden-hoseWater plays an important role in gardening. They are responsible for carrying nutrients from soil to plant cells. It also keeps the plant hydrated. This is the reason why watering the plants is essential for gardening. Since this task can be a tiring activity, using a hose can definitely help.

When choosing a hose, consider the material it is made of. This is because its material determines its durability. Hoses are typically made from rubber and vinyl. Rubber hoses are usually heavy duty and can last longer if properly stored. Additionally, vinyl hoses are lightweight and inexpensive. But they are not as durable as the rubber ones.

A hose also comes in different diameters. These include ½ inch, 5/8 inch and ¾ inch. The most commonly used hose are those with ½ inch or 1.2cm in diameter.

8. Wheelbarrow

Rail_top_4_wheeled_barrow_(1830_×_610)A wheelbarrow is a useful type of equipment for transporting garden essentials such as fertilizers, plants, tools soils and many more. Not all wheelbarrows are created equal. Listed below are some of its distinctions.

  • The traditional wheel barrow that has a dual-handle with single wheel style is hard to balance especially when the loads are unevenly distributed.
  • If a wheelbarrow will be used over uneven terrain, opt for a single-handle two-wheel model. This type of wheelbarrow is easier to balance than the traditional one.
  • The wheels of a wheelbarrow are usually made from regular air-filled and solid rubber. Unlike the regular air-filled wheels, a solid rubber wheel doesn’t go flat. They are hard to use on rough terrain.
  • New types of wheelbarrow have ergonomic handles. Their handles are often in bar-type design. With that, the user will experience less strain in the upper arms.


First-time gardeners don’t really need to have more tools when starting a garden. These 8 gardening tools mentioned above will be enough to start the gardening adventure. These necessities for gardeners can help reduce time and save energy as well as improve safety when doing gardening activities.

For those who are still looking for gardening and nursery equipment, feel free to get in touch with this reputable nursery equipment manufacturer in your local area.

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