Shade house or green house: Which one should you choose?

Author: Aaron Chen  Date Posted:3 August 2020 

Plant growth is influenced by different factors such as exposure to sunlight, elevation and moisture drainage. Sometimes it is also affected by the day and night temperatures. This is the reason why it is important to use a garden structure that will cater the needs of the growing plants.

When it comes to gardening, shade house and green house are the two types of most common garden structures. However, many people are unsure of what is the difference between the two.

For those who are still confused about which shade structure to be used, this blog post will serve as a guide that help you choose the right one.

Defining shade house

As its name implies, shade house is used to provide plants with shade. This garden structure provides suitable conditions for shade-loving plants. Basically, it gives plants with a mix of shade and light.

Shade house has a frame that usually supports the shade cloth to protect the plants from excessive heat. Aside from shade cloth, mesh or wooden laths can also be used in shading plants. Sometimes, a shade house also looks like a green house. The only difference is the shade cloth over them.

When will you use a shade house?

Primarily, shade houses are used to grow plants after propagation. But for those places with mild climates, this shade structure can completely replace greenhouses. Sometimes it is used for cutting and seed propagation.

Aside from that, shade houses are highly recommended for fruits, vegetable nurseries and raising forest species.

Shade houses are also used if you want protection for your growing plants from frost, hail, heat, wind and rain. Moreover, it can be a barrier for animals or weed barriers, and safeguards against pest attacks.

If there is limited space for planting, shade house can use multi-layer shelves. Bench allows you to utilise space wisely.

What is green house?

Green house is especially designed to protect the out-of-season plants against excessive cold or heat. It is totally the opposite of shade house. The modern greenhouse structure is usually made with plastic or glass roof and walls. Green house is typically used for the growing of fruits, flowers, vegetables and other plants that usually need special conditions of temperature.

The traditional glazing material for green house is glass. Apart from that, plastic films like polyethylene and fibreglass are also common. The heat in the green house structure comes from the rays of the sun and by some artificial means. This artificial heat may include circulating steam, hot water or hot air.

Green house is classified into 2 types. These are the glass house and the hot house. Below are their differences.

A green house can become too hot or too cold. Therefore, some type of ventilating system is essential. A roof opening that can be operated mechanically or automatically can be considered to allow air to enter the structure. Moreover, some may consist of end-wall openings. This will allow you to use electric fans to draw air and circulate it throughout the interior.

When will you use a green house?

To make it possible to grow certain types of crops such as pears, peaches, oranges, tobacco plants, vegetables and flowers in any weather, green house is highly recommended. It can help these particular plants to create an optimum growing environment. Even tropical plants and cacti can grow in green houses.

Unlike shade house, this type of garden structure is not suggested to use for shade-loving plants. This is because the temperature inside the green house tends to be hotter during summer. Thus, it will just damage the plants.

Furthermore, green house can be used in keeping the plant healthy by giving them shield from unwanted pests.

Use green house if you want to grow warm-season vegetables including cucumbers, tomatoes, squash and peppers. These plants will grow better in a green house because it will surely provide them with steady temperature.


To determine whether you need a green house or shade house, it is vital to know the difference between them and familiarise the plants that you are growing. If the plants need more heat, then go for a green house. On the other hand, if the plant is located in a mostly dry and hot area and the heat must be controlled, then a shade house is more suitable.

It is also vital to understand that there is definitely a need to put up a “house” for your growing plants. In that way, you will lessen the possibility of harming your growing plants. To help you in choosing which shade house to be used, feel free to contact and ask a trustworthy shade house provider.

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